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Columbus! Something New

Established January 2015, Columbus! Something New is a podcast with a mission: Connecting You to All Things Local. 

Apr 25, 2022

Show Notes: 


Have you ever wondered what damage a pothole can cause? On this episode you can find out what to look out for after going through a pothole! Also we explore four delicious menus during Chef’s Kiss, plus so much more! Thank you for joining us!


Schmidt’s Restaurant and Banquet Haus

Iron Grill BBQ...

Apr 18, 2022

Down for the count

Apr 11, 2022

Show Notes: Are you ready to find out more about the C!SN Ice Cream Trail? We stopped by The Little Ice Cream Shoppe and you get to hear all about it! Then - let’s talk about menus! Food ranging from pizza to noodles, we have lots of ideas for you on this episode! 


C!SN Ice Cream Trail

The History of Ice Cream

Apr 4, 2022

how Notes:  If you are ready for a season of ice cream, we have the list you need – the C!SN Ice Cream Trail! On this episode you get to hear all about our first two stops on the C!SN Ice Cream Trail. Join us for this plus a few tasty menus!

C!SN Ice Cream Trail

Tony’s Coneys

Japan Marketplace

Belle’s Bread