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Columbus! Something New

Established January 2015, Columbus! Something New is a podcast with a mission: Connecting You to All Things Local. 

Sep 25, 2022

Show Notes: Listen in as we enjoy the Columbus Coffee Festival! Plus find out how pumpkins are good for you, hear about local events, and One More Thing! 



October is National Pumpkin Month: How Are Pumpkins Good For Your Health? - Hospitality Health ER

Oct 6: Spooky Sculptures with Hiroshi Hayakawa

Oct 9-15:

Sep 18, 2022

Show Notes: 

Chaos. It’s all around us, but have you noticed how we can handle some types of chaos better than other types? Let’s talk about comfortable chaos, local development plans, and things to do!


How Does Your Environment Affect Your Mental Health?

Seventh Son, Antiques on High, and Getaway Brewing —...